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NW Overland Rally

Prior class descriptions below. Many classes will be repeated. 2020 class descriptions will be added closer to the event dates. 

Note – for most classes it's advisable to bring your camp chair, some water, and a hat

Some trail rides will be available for pre-registration and others will be held back for on-site registration at the Rebelle Rally booth on site. 


Four Wheel Campers Happy Hour - (Thursday 5 - 7 pm – Four Wheel Campers)
Meet at the Four Wheel Campers booth for a refreshing cocktail and an opportunity to meet vendors and each other. This is also a good time to ask the organizers questions about the rest of the weekend.

Presentation – Expedition Overland- (Thursday 7 - 8 pm – Campfire Area)
Clay and the team regale us with tales of their most recent adventures.

Campfire and prizes-(Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 pm – Campfire Area)
Bring your camp chair and a beverage to the central fire pit where we will give away a ton of cool prizes every evening – each person gets one free ticket that will be handed to you at the campfire-just raise your hand to get one.

10 PM quiet time
After 10 PM we expect complete silence in the “Quiet Zone.”
In the “Not Quite So Quiet Zone” campers are asked to keep music low, and laughter to a reasonable level.  There is no party zone. Voices carry across the field. Let's be respectful, and ensure those who need a good night of sleep are able to get one.


Morning yoga (Friday 7-8 am—Tent 1) 
Bring your mat to the central area and enjoy a relaxing stretch as the sun is rising. Experienced yoga practitioners as well as people who just want to try it out are welcome.  If you don't have a yoga mat, a camping pad or air mattress will do in a pinch.

Planning a Vehicle Build (with mimosas) (Friday 9-10 am – Booth # 46 AT-Overland)
Mario from AT Overland helps evaluate your overland Build requirements, and serves up a mighty fine mimosa while he's at it. 

Navigation 101-Compass (Friday 9-10 am – Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
Part 1 of a 3-part intensive navigation program, the Rebelle Rally Team will start off with essential compass skills. This is a hands-on class. 

Emergency preparedness (Friday 9-10 am—Tent 1)
Tina will cover the basic preparations every family should take, at home or in their vehicle, to be physically and mentally prepared for an emergency.

Winch-line Splicing (Friday 9-10 am—Tent 2)
The Three Amigos Offroad team will teach you everything you need to know about winch-line splicing. Learn how to make emergency repairs to synthetic winch lines in the field.

Kids' Photography with Richard V (Friday 9-11 am -  Wooded Area)
Kids of all ages will enjoy this hands-on outdoor photo class. Please bring any digital camera. 

Off-road driving basics (Friday 9-11 am—Tech Course)
Bring your car to the technical course and have professional instructors show you exactly what you and your vehicle are capable of. 

Overlanding for Veteran Reintegration (Friday 10-11 am—Booth # 26 Team Overland)
Team Overland is using Overland Travel to help veterans integrate into everyday life. Learn how the ideas of mission planning, and tackling objectives carry over to the overlanding world. Learn how you can help or get involved. 

Navigation 201-Map Reading (Friday 10-11 am— Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
Part 2 of a 3-part intensive navigation program, the Rebelle Rally Team will cover essential topo map reading skills. This is a hands-on class. 

Maglite Adult Survival (Friday 10-11 am—Tent 1)
Subjects include: survival myths and misconceptions, building a personal survival kit, equipment recommendations and resources, tips, and tricks for immediate action shelter (personal protection for you and someone injured), clothing system tips, fail-proof firecraft for extreme environments, expedient rope, knot and lash skills, as well as signaling basics and types of signaling devices. Taught by Brett Stoffel of Emergency Response International.

Overlanding Alberta (Friday 10-11 am— Tent 2)
Alberta is an amazing place filled with mountains, lakes, taiga, wildlife, and wild open spaces. Like Montana but with more mountains, more wildlife, and less people. Join the guys from to learn where and when to visit.

The Great Western Trail (Friday 11-noon – Booth # 46 AT-Overland)
Ray Andrews educates us about the entire length of the Great Western Trail.

Solar Power (Friday 11-noon – Tent 1)
Learn the basics of Solar Power, what you need, how to get the best bang for your buck, what to look out for, and what to avoid. If you have specific questions or applications in mind, bring them along. Advanced questions are always welcome too.

Recovery Gear Science (Friday 11-noon – Tent 2)
Do you know when you should use a nylon strap vs. a poly strap? Do you know when stretch is a good or bad thing? Do you know how the shape of your shackle will affect its strength? These and dozens of other questions will be answered by expert trainer Bob Wohlers. Not sure what straps you have and when to use them? Bring them along. 

WARN winching clinic - basic and advanced (Friday 11 am-1 pm— Wooded Area)
From how to use your winch the first time, through to complicated recovery scenarios, the WARN team will spend two hours making sure your winch recoveries are safe and efficient. 

Ladies Only introduction to 4WD and vehicle recovery (Friday 11 am-1 pm — Tech Course)
Experienced instructors will teach techniques and build confidence. This is a hands-on class, bring your own vehicle if you can. If not, no problem, jump in with someone else. Gentlemen, please let the ladies take this course without your assistance or supervision. 

Latin America Travel (Friday noon-1 pm – Booth # 43 Four Wheel Campers)
A fun round table class with overlanders who have driven extensively through Latin America. 

Alaska by Van (Friday noon-1 pm – Booth # 89 VMI Van Village)
Justin Hall covered 9000 miles in two months last year and saw a lot of Alaska.  The complete ALCAN, Fairbanks, Chena Hotsprings, Denali, Talkeenta, Anchorage, Kenia Peninsula, McCarty/Kennicott, Skagway, and a lot of other incredible locations.  He wild-camped the entire trip except for one night near Denali. If you are planning to visit Alaska in the future this is a great round table to attend.

Ham Radio (Friday noon-1 pm – Tent 1)
Rich and Dan will cover the benefits of using and getting certified on ham radio. It's a lot easier than you might think.

Border Crossings (Friday noon-1 pm – Tent 2)
Ask a Customs and Border Services Agent everything you ever wanted to know about crossing the border.

Food preparation for long trips (Friday 1-2 pm—Booth # 39 Thriving Hart)
Learn techniques for storage, and how long different food items will last without refrigeration. Learn techniques to combine dried or packaged food with long-lasting fresh options. 

Tool Kits: What to Buy and Carry (Friday 1-2 pm—Booth # 96 Torfab)
When do you need the really expensive tools, and when can the cheaper options be good enough? When do you need the special tool and when can you make do with an alternative? Putting a tool kit together takes planning, and can be expensive. Take some of the mystery and the cost out of the equation. 

The Ultimate First Aid Kit & How to Use It (Friday 1-3 pm— Tent 2)
We have spent the last 8 years working with medical trainers, medics, and first responders on preparing Overland Medical Kits. Many of you have attended these classes in the past. We've never had a kit we really felt was perfect for overlanding, but we think we've finally figured it out. See what we've narrowed it down to, why, and how to use it. A limited number of fully-stocked kits will be available for sale after class.

Land Rover guided and unguided self drives (Friday 1-4 pm—Tech Course)
Join a Land Rover certified instructor in your own car, or try the latest Land Rover 2018 Discovery on the technical course. It's really an eye-opening experience. You must have a valid driver’s license to drive, but non-drivers can ride along.  

Differentials and Gearing (Friday 2-3 pm— Booth # 24 Nitro)
Learn when you need to change your gearing and also how to strengthen your drivetrain.  
This is a good class if you have specific questions about your vehicle or plan a tire size increase

Knife Class (Friday 2-3 pm— Booth # 57 Rigid Gear)
Learn how to choose and maintain quality cutting tools, as well as a little bit of history about different knife shapes, and how they have evolved.

Navigation 301-Orienteering (Friday 2-4 pm— Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
Part 3 of a 3-part intensive navigation program, the Rebelle Rally Team will bring it all together with a 2 hour intensive orienteering session. This is not physically demanding, but it is a hands-on class, bring a hat, good shoes, and some water.

Cooking Class-Dinner Options (Friday 2-3:30 pm – Tent 1)
Trail food doesn't have to be fancy, but it should still be delicious! Join Trisha as she shows you some of her favorite dinner options on the trail. 

Hi-Lift Hands-On Class (Friday 2-4 pm — Wooded Area)
Taught by Three Amigos Offroad. Meet at the wooded area and be ready to get your hands dirty. The Hi-Lift is one of the most versatile tools you can carry, but most people never use it to its full potential. This class will show you how to turn that tool into the Swiss Army knife of recovery tools. Bring gloves. If you don't have gloves they sell them at the hardware store across the street, or at some of the vendor booths. 

Explore Australia-Fly & Buy (Friday 3-4 pm— Booth # 53 Maxtrax)
Don't ship your truck down under. Fly down, pick up a cool local 4x4 and explore the Outback for a fraction of the cost.

Leave No Trace (& Idaho Beer) (Friday 3-4 pm— Booth # 80 Selway Fab)
Learn how to minimize your impact in the backcountry, beyond just packing out your garbage, while enjoying an ice-cold Idaho microbrew during the talk.

Kids Fun Water Purification Class (Friday 3-4 pm— Tent 2)
Kids will get to use the latest MSR water filter technology to create their own crystal clear water, which they can then use to make a refreshing beverage, like juice, Kool–Aid or iced tea (at the instructor's discretion).  This class will be co-taught by a kid, and promises to be a lot of fun.

Drones (Friday 3:30-4:30 pm— Tent 1)
Autel Robotics will have a variety of the latest drones on hand. They will cover what to buy and why, how to choose the type (and cost) of drone that will meet your needs and the rules (FAA, etc.) you need to be aware of. You will be able to try them out yourself. A qualified university “drone photography” professor will be on hand to give you an unbiased view of the latest and future technology as well as answer questions about a career in the drone industry.

Wine Tasting (Friday 4-5:30 pm— Tent 2)
WARN winches host the famous Pacific Northwest wine tasting class, presented by Crankshaft Culture. Go on a virtual tour of the best and some of the most exciting vineyards in the PNW. Learn how to evaluate different wines with our resident sommeliers. Come thirsty! Leave with a map of your new favorite vineyards, so you can plan your own tour. 

Kids and Family Spotting (Friday 4-5:30 pm— Tech Course)
Vehicle spotting is the most critical skill anyone driving technical terrain needs to know, and it's one that anyone of any age can learn. Learn and practice in a safe and stress-free environment with experienced guides. We encourage kids and the less-experienced to spot. It's a great way to have all occupants of the vehicle get more involved in any trail run. 

How To Be a Trail Leader (Friday 4:30-5:30 pm— Tent 1)
Guide your crew successfully. Learn how to avoid common issues with personality clashes. Discuss the essentials of trip prep and planning. Be confident planning and leading a trip for friends and family. 

Kids Ukulele Class (Friday 5-6:30 pm— Booth # 79 Dragonfly Tarps)
Nothing says campout like strumming a Ukulele around the fire, except maybe marshmallows. If you have a Uke and want to learn how to play it, fantastic. We should have a few loaners too. The Ukulele is a fun and easy instrument, and will ensure decades of fun. Learn some easy techniques and fun songs.

Roambuilt's Grilled Meats and Beer (Friday 5:30-7 pm—(Van Village)
Visit the western end of vendor row, where the friendly guys from Roambuilt will be barbecuing and handing out ice cold beers. Come hungry and thirsty, and stay for the great company. 

Torfab Happy Hour (Friday 5:30-7 pm - Booth # 96 Torfab)
Bring your cup, grab a beer and chat with the Torfab team. Make sure you check out their Land Cruiser with the new Cummins 2.8 diesel crate motor too!

Let’s Make A Deal Game (Friday 6-7 pm - Booth # 45 Mule Outfitters)
Following the format of the popular TV game show; bring lots of little items to trade and you can have fun and win prizes. This was a super popular activity last year, and we expect it to be even more popular this year.

Firestarting with UCO (Friday 6:30-7 pm - Campfire Area)
Pyromaniacs welcome. UCO specializes in fire-starting. Learn how the pros make a fast, smoke-free fire that lights the first time every time. 

Presentation – The Summer Road to Tuktoyaktuk (Friday 7 - 8 pm – Campfire Area)
Right after last year's Rally, Chris, Natalie and Ray were the first humans to drive across Canada from the southern border to the Canadian Arctic Ocean in the summer. Learn all about the beautiful new year-round road to Tuktoyaktuk where you can literally camp right on the arctic beach and enjoy 24 hours of daylight. 

KC Hi-lites and Maglite Demo (Friday 9-10 pm - Booth #10 KC Hi-Lites)
Visit the KC Hi-Lites and Maglite booth after dark to see their latest lighting technology in action. 


Morning yoga with Ashley (Saturday 7-8 am—Tent 1)  All levels welcome, even beginners.

Bloody Marys (Saturday 9-10 am—Booth # 99 Vanguard 4x4)
A refreshing libation to start the day at the Vanguard 4x4 booth. These were very popular last year, make sure you don't miss out. 

Cooking Class-Breakfast (Saturday 9-10 am-Tent 1) 
Let Trisha show you her favorite ways to start the day on the trail or in camp, with an easy delicious meal.

Natural Medicine (Saturday 9-10 am- Tent 2) 
This is an introductory workshop to Herbal Medicine with a focus on remedies for travel and overlanding. We will discuss herbal remedies for various acute and non-emergency ailments such as digestive complaints, skin abrasions, bug bites, acute infection and headaches. Basic remedies include teas/infusions, tinctures, salves, oils and many more! During the second half of the workshop we will explore the forest surrounding the NWOR site, learning about the local plants and their medicinal properties.

Gear Checkup with the 3 Amigos (Saturday 9-11 am-  Wooded Area) 
Bring your truck and recovery gear over and the instructors will give it a once over, letting you know if your recovery points are safe, that your gear is adequate for the loads that you are putting on it, that your straps are still in good shape, etc. This is a 2-hour block on the schedule, but each person will likely only need 10 minutes with the team, although you may have a few folks in line ahead of you when you arrive, so plan your morning accordingly. If you don't want to pack up your rig and drive it over, just bring over any pieces of gear you are unsure about, or just hang out and learn from the team reviewing other people's kits. 

4WD Intermediate & Advanced Training (Saturday 9-11:30 am- Tech Course) 
Learn to safely tackle more complex obstacles, but anyone can join in, or watch from the sidelines and learn. 

Death Valley Travel (Saturday 10-11 am- Booth # 51 Warn Winches)
How not to die in Death Valley, while seeing all the most interesting spots. 

Pancake Bar (Saturday 10-11 am- Booth # 56 Outbound Rigs Adventure Rentals)
Visit the Outbound Rigs team for a yummy pancake (or more) on Saturday morning. 

Low Budget Overlanding (Saturday 10-11 am- Tent 1) 
You don't need to have a huge budget to have a great adventure. Learn how to save on the truck and gear, and make the adventure last longer. 

Non-Winching Vehicle Recovery (Saturday 10-noon- Tent 2) 
How to get your vehicle unstuck when you don't have a winch or it's not the right tool for the situation. This is a comprehensive class utilizing a ton of gear. Not sure what you need or when to use it all, this is the class for you.

How Winches Work (Saturday 11 am-noon- Booth # 45 Mule)
There are a lot of different types of winches. Different brakes, types of gearing, types of cable, and variations in line speed, amp draw, pulling power, etc. Learn how they all work, and what is right for you and your rig. 

Veteran Overland (Saturday 11 am-noon - Tent 1) 
In addition to sponsoring a vet to attend the show, Veteran Overland will host a panel of veterans discussing how overlanding has fulfilled them, and how non-vets can help. They will also be hosting a “veterans' lounge” where vets and their families can pop in. 

Kids Survival Class (Saturday 11 am-1 pm - Wooded Area) 
Kids of all ages will enjoy this hands on class lead by our resident scout master. The class will concentrate on core survival skills and tactics, taught in a fun, hands-on way.

Trailer Recovery (Saturday 11:30 am-12:30 pm - Tech Course) 
Wanderlust Overland will demonstrate techniques to get a trailer unstuck in various situations. 

Ham Radio 101 (Saturday noon-1 pm - Booth # 20 Northwest Overland Society) 
Rich and Dan will cover the benefits of using and getting certified on ham radio. It's easier than you might think.

X-Overland Truck Build Overview (Saturday noon-1 pm - Booth # 1 X-Overland)
Clay and his Expedition Overland team take you through their magnificent new truck; why they made the choices they did, and how they put it together.

Special Needs Travel (Saturday noon-1 pm - Tent 1) 
Overlanding with a family member with special needs can be challenging but also deeply rewarding. Team Hunt will talk about the challenges they tackle every day on the road, and how they adapt. This is a great class if you have friends or family with special needs, and you are thinking of spending some time on the road.

Utah Travel Roundtable (Saturday noon-1 pm - Tent 2) 
Paul May from Equipt Outfitters knows the back roads of Utah better than almost anyone. Let him map out an ideal itinerary for you if you are planning to visit that stunning state. 

Supervised Self-Driving (Saturday 12:30-3 pm - Tech Course) 
Bring your vehicle to the Tech Course and test it out. Learn the safe limits of your vehicle under expert supervision. 

Women Overlanding the World (Saturday 1-2 pm—Booth # 43 Four Wheel Campers)
A number of amazing women who have traveled extensively will discuss their experiences, challenges, and rewards while overlanding. 

High Volume Water Treatment (Saturday 1-2 pm— Tent 2)
Owen from MSR will show us their new 12V product that allows you to treat large volumes of drinking water, fast. MSR has partnered with overlanders to take this technology to remote communities to improve lives. Learn how you could be involved too. 

Safe Jack Demo (Saturday 1-2 pm -  Wooded Area) 
Revolutionize your HiLift Jack. The Safe Jack accessories improve your Hi-lift in common scenarios. 

Sick Call: Non-Emergency Medicine (Saturday 1-3 pm - Tent 1) 
Most medical issues on the trail start small, but can develop into larger problems. Learn when to call it quits and when to keep going. Tips for treating common non-life-threatening medical challenges on the trail and how to keep them from becoming more serious. 

Europe’s Oldest Trail (Saturday 2-3 pm—Booth # 6 Rainburst/Simple Shower)
An introduction to Europe's oldest overland journey: The Camino de Santiago. Becky was almost killed by a Douglas fir crushing her car. She managed to recover from 19 broken bones, including a shattered ankle that required six screws to put together. She talks about her experiences walking the Camino, the history of the trail, descriptions, along with planning, equipment, and an overview of the experience.

Ladies, Know Your Vehicle (Saturday 2-3 pm—Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
You can have the best vehicle in the world, but if you are not 100% proficient in how it all works, you won't get the most out of it. The ladies from the Rebelle Rally will review the ins and outs of modern 4x4s to ensure you can use them to their fullest potential. 

Drone Class (Saturday 2-3 pm— Tent 2)
Autel Robotics will have a variety of the latest drones on hand. They will cover what to buy and why, how to choose the type (and cost) of drone that will meet your needs, the rules (FAA, etc.) you need to be aware of, and you will be able to try them out yourself. A qualified university “drone photography” professor will be on hand to give you an unbiased view of the latest and future technology as well as answer questions about a career in the drone industry.

How to Rebelle (Saturday 3-4 pm—Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
Ladies discuss the Rebelle Rally: who can join, what it costs, why to do it, and how to get involved

Overlanding South America on a Budget - in a rental (Saturday 3-4 pm - Tent 1) 
Nevin and Pippa didn't have a ton of money, and couldn't take a year off work to travel. They managed to get a few months off work and worked a deal to rent a cheap 4x4, and then drove 6,000 miles from Peru, through Chile and Argentina to the most southern tip of the Americas. 

Advanced Tire Repair (Saturday 3-5 pm— Area between Tent 2 and Food Truck)
Expert trainer Bob Wohler teaches various methods of evaluating and repairing a tire on the trail, demonstrating the pros and cons of the various tools available. Bob teaches using a clear, step-by-step process so even if you are not mechanical you will get a lot from this class. One of the core skills every overlander needs to know. 

Dirty Martinis: Vodka Purification Class (Saturday 3-4 pm— Tent 2)
You could demo water purifiers with water, but where is the fun in that? Owen will dump a lump of mud and clay into a vodka pitcher, and demonstrate how to make it crystal clean and pure again. Attendees are rewarded when Owen uses it to make his signature martinis at the end of the class. 

Kids Knot-Tying (Saturday 3-4 pm - Wooded Area) 
Tie them up and leave them. Just kidding. Kids and teens (and adults) will love this simple and fun class learning to tie the essential knots everyone should know, not just for travel, but for everyday life. 

Advanced Recovery Scenario with the 3 Amigos (Saturday 3-5 pm - Tech Course) 
What happens when the problem is too complicated for one tool or truck to overcome?  How to work as a team safely and efficiently in a very complex and dangerous situation. 

How to Get Sponsored (Saturday 4-5 pm— Tent 2)
Tips from – not a guarantee of sponsorship, but learn how to approach companies who may be keen to partner with you on your adventures.

Ladies Only Packing, Camping and Cocktails (Saturday 4-6 pm—Booth # 85 Rebelle Rally)
Ladies, come out and have some fun, chatting about travel, having some snacks, and a few tasty cocktails too. 

NWOR Chef Challenge hosted by Metal Tech (Saturday 4-6 pm— Tent 1)
The Culinary Contest continues in its second year. One of our most popular contests, teams are given a secret ingredient and are tasked with making a gourmet meal on their regular camp stoves. This year there is an added mixology competition. Come and watch and pick up some ideas of what you can whip up around camp. 

Overlander IPA Appreciation (Saturday 5-6 pm—Booth # 20 Northwest Overland Society)
Every year our friends at the Northwest Overland Society introduce the seasonal Overlander IPA. Come say hi and raise a glass. 

Kids Ukulele Class (Saturday 5-6:30 pm—Booth # 79 Dragonfly Tarps)
Nothing says campout like strumming a Ukulele around the fire, except maybe marshmallows. If you have a Uke and want to learn how to play it, fantastic. We should have a few loaners too. The Ukulele is a fun and easy instrument, and will ensure decades of fun. Learn some easy techniques and fun songs.

Adventure Ready Happy Hour (Saturday 6-7 pm—Booth # 2 Adventure Ready)
Our friends at Adventure Ready are putting on the biggest happy hour of the show, right next to the Campfire. Come out and say hi, and have some fun before the nightly campfire presentations.

Firestarting with UCO (Saturday 6:30-7 pm — Campfire Area)
See how the pros make a fast, smoke-free fire that lights the first time every time. 

Presentation – A Ski Holiday in Iraq- (Saturday 7-8 pm – Campfire Area)
Griff from Combat Flip Flops spent a fair amount of time in Iraq back when he was an Army Ranger. He decided to go back to visit, but this time he was carrying a pair of skis. His team climbed and then skied a remote peak in the country, and made a wonderful short film about it. Griff will discuss the trip at the campfire, and show the film later in the CFF booth #90 after the sun sets.

KC Hilites Demo (Saturday 9-10 pm —Booth #10 KC HiLites)
Visit the KC HiLites booth after dark to see their latest lighting technology in action. 


Trophy challenge- (Sunday 9-11 am — Tech Course)
Our annual fun Sunday morning competition with laughter and prizes on the technical course. This is a fun skills challenge open to any vehicle. Prizes usually go to the driver showing the most finesse rather than the one with the most extreme trucks. If you don't want to drive it, then come out to watch and cheer the teams on.