NW Overland Rally

What can you do at the NW Overland Rally?

Learn, Play, Relax!  We've got you covered:

Welcome Cocktails - Title Sponsors Four Wheel Campers are hosting welcome cocktails on Thursday night! It's a fun way to settle in and learn more about your new friends and neighbors. Lots of the vendors also offer beers, sodas or cocktails at their booths each evening. 

Game Show - Presenting Sponsor Mule Expedition Outfitters will be hosting a "Let's make a Deal" game show on Friday night, with prizes involved. Come prepared to trade. If you don't know how it works, or it's been a while, look on YouTube to see how the game is played. 

Nightly Campfire and Raffle - Every evening we give away a huge selection of fun prizes around the campfire, everything from winches, roof-top tents, driving lights, luggage, camping gear, skid-plates, recovery kits, and lots of cool clothing.

Presenters - In addition to the wonderful trainers leading classes, each evening we have presentations and Q&A sessions with inspiring and entertaining travelers. Past rallies have included the Expedition Overland crew, the couple who have traveled in La Cucaracha for the last 15 years, Dakar Rally Racer Quinn Cody, and Adventurer Scott Brady. This year's lineup is just as good as ever.

Trail Drives - Local volunteers lead easy scenic drives during the rally. Some may require registration in advance, and some will be bookable on the field. Watch our facebook page for more information.  

4WD Instruction - Certified 4WD instructors will be teaching introductory and advanced 4WD techniques on our technical driving course. Learn the safest way to conquer the toughest trails, in your vehicle, or the one provided.

​Advanced Classes - Our friend Bob Wohlers from the Off-Road Safety Academy will be back; his classes are legendary for their level of detail. This year he is teaching: 1. Winching   2. Kinetic energy/traction recovery   3) In-field tire repair   4) In-field welding. 

Ladies Classes - Our popular ladies-only classes will be back again this year, including Offroad Driving for Women, Recovery Skills for Women, and how to be a Rebelle (Ladies-only Rally Driver).

Family Spotting - No, not how to spot a family as they go by, Trail Spotting is arguably the most valuable skill when you get off the pavement. This class will teach mom, dad, even the kids, how to spot and guide a vehicle over technical obstacles and through tight spots. 

Trail Repairs - Learn the steps to quickly and safely fix repairs on the trail, and how to choose a quality repair kit. 

Solar Power - Learn the ins and outs of setting up a reliable customizable solar power system.

Morning yoga - Start each day right with an optional sunrise exercise session. But don't worry, no one will judge you if you decide to sleep in.

Photography and Cinematography - Renowned photographer Richard Villacres will run a hands-on session.

Preparing for ​Medical Emergencies - Medical Instructors will take us through real-life scenarios, showing us how to deal with the types of accidents most likely to affect overland travelers. Also they will have classes on Pediatric first aid, and building the ultimate medical kit.

Wine Tasting - Local Sommeliers will guide us on a virtual wine-tasting tour of the region's best vineyards. Bring your glass and start exercizing your taste-buds, because you will be in for a treat.

Personal security, ham radio, new gear, kayaking, Mountain Biking, spotting, navigation, winching, fire-starting, shelter-building, etc. Whatever you want to learn, we have a class.

Nibbles, treats, vendor specials, and more - Everywhere you turn at the Rally there is something new to see, something tasty to eat, and someone fun to talk to.